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‘HERBAL’ is a compound word derived from French Word ‘HERBA’. The Role of Herbs in Medicine, lots of consumers started the plantation of Tulsi & other medicinal plants in their home gardens….Now a days medicinal herbs are important sources for pharmaceutical manufacturing. 'MFB HERBAL' the status of a Unani pharmaceutical company. MFB Herbal is a trusted and respected name in IndianUnani& Ayurveda herbal industry. Building on a legacy of quality and experience of over 20 years, MFB Herbal is today India’s most Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company. MFB HERBAL also recommends various Ayurvedic Home Remedies formulated using ayurvedic plants & herbs which are natural & chemical free. Our office branches, manufacturing units, logistics office and numerous regional channel partners are strategically located to cover an Indian sub-continent.Under the able guidance and visionary leadership of Dr. Umar & Farah Naaz, a renowned herbal practitioner, we have successfully covered numerous mile stones.

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Our Product

Al Shifa Churan

Al shifa churan is a herbal answer to your weight problem, now no need to worry about yourself exercising in the gym.Al shifa churan alternative weight loss product is an effective, that helps you to loss your body weight. It reduce your anxiety and restlessness.You can reduce your belly fat from 2 to 4 inches within 2 months & results will remain in your body for longtime. It cures chronic constipation and controls diabetes, blood pressure, heart palpitations cures backache, Gout, Gas & acidity.

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Baby FitLiver with calcium syrup.

Now No worry parents for their babies, now adding supplements (baby fit syrup) is ready in India. The next reasonable step towards improving your child health & function commonly used al shifa baby fit syrup has launched in India, for those babies who get falls ill, it improves your child in short term for better health and never let the babies falls sick. Al Shifa baby fit syrup is the best boost for immunity and increase their growth.

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ObyzileHerbal Powder for womens

Obyzile herbal powder is india's no 1 weight loss powder, which resolve your weight problem, now no need to do exercise. Obyzile powder helps to maintain for slim & attractive figure. No side effect 100% natural & safe herbal powder guaranteed results. For Women's only. This treatment need to be continue for 3 months for better results.

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Child labour is prohibited at MFB Herbal.
MFB Herbal products are not tested on animals.
All MFB Herbal products are halal.


MFB Herbal believes that countries? laws, ethical standards & international norms should be given deserving more...


MFB Herbal believes that countries? laws, ethical standards & international norms should be given deserving more...